Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Home Is Where the ________is! Part 1

I absolutely love walking into peoples homes to see how they live and what they collect, or what they don't collect if they are a minimalist.  We say that you can see a glimpse of someone's personality and taste by what kind of shoes they wear.  Well, I feel that you can really get a glimpse when stepping foot in other peoples homes, at times too much of a glimpse!  People get nervous sometimes when I walk into their living spaces, afraid I'm going to judge them, or think less of them some how, but it's not about that for me as a designer.  I love seeing how people live.  And in a professional setting, this is one of my favorite steps in the design process because this is where I get to know my client, this is the first part in determining their likes and dislikes, and what kind of space they desire and dream about living in.

Here is Philippe Stark's home in Paris shot by Todd Selby.  Whimsical, playful and artistic is his home, but this is also who Philip is as a designer, and I'm sure as a person as well. His home is where the "WHIMSY" is.  So, what does your home say about you?  Does your home represent you, does it embody your personality? Look around your space, what does it say? My home is where the "_______" is!

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