Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fired...Forgotten...My Favorite!

Oh so sad!  I forgot to include this pot/vase in my post a couple days ago.  It was sitting on a table with flowers in it, so I left it out.  This is my favorite piece I've done so far.  It's been 9 weeks since my first pottery class, and I'm gradually making larger and more complex shapes as the days go by.  I'll keep you posted on my new found love of pottery making.

Art Basel, Miami Beach

Scott Burton, Hectapod Table 1982.  Andrew Kreps Gallery

Art Basel is one of the leading art shows in the country and is certainly worth visiting, or at least the online galleries.  The show offers a lot of art work from new up and coming artists which is affordable since they are not well known yet!  I've included some of my favorites from the Miami Beach show on December 2-5.

Geraldo De Barros, Untitled 1949.  Luciano Brito Galeria
Leon Ferrari, Untitled 1964.  Jorge Mara-La Roche
Christina Garcia Robero, Los Hermanos, Kutaisi.  Galeria Juana de Aizpuru
Keith Haring, Untitled 1981. Skarstedt Gallery

Tom LaDuke, Untitled 2010.  CRG Gallery
Robert Mapplethorpe, Patti Smith 1976.  Xavier Hufkens Gallery
Marilyn Minter, Blade Runner 2010.  Gaulak Gallery
Joan Miro, Peinture 1925.  Galerie Gmurzynska Zug

Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Fired!

My very first pieces just out of the kiln.  Pottery is such a long process, but I think I've found a new love...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have A Dandy Thanksgiving!

I loved this spread from Rue Magazine.  Interior Designer Scot Meacham Wood throws Dandy parties in his San Francisco home.  This is my idea of a good time!

Cheers!  I hope all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creative Growth

James Huniford, AKA "Ford"  designed an apartment for Manhattan House residences on the Upper Eastside.  The 9-room residence truly captures the designers signature aesthetic: simplistic, odd and a little rough around the edges, but in a beautiful naturalistic way.  Ford has always been able to create great design through his philanthropy work, by allowing his passion to help others merge into his artistic abilities.  Through this outlet Ford continues to be a leading designer, and the work he has done for Manhattan House shows testament to that.  James has used this project to support the Creative Growth Art Center, a non-profit organization that supports and nurtures artists with mental, physical and developmental disabilities allowing the artist's to grow and evolve creatively through positive support.  The art that Ford has used throughout the spaces are works from Dan Miller, Judith Scott, and Aurie Ramirez of Creative Growth.  Designer and artist's together have created a chic apartment I must say!

Ironically this story holds some symbolism, in my eyes at least.  As most know, Ford recently split from Sills & Huniford to create his own design firm which continues to grow and evolve, also, I have had the pleasure of being a designer at Huniford, which also allowed me to grow creatively and hone my own design aesthetic.  It really is all about "Creative Growth" isn't it?!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Classic and Quirky

Some new shots from one of my favorite photographers, Todd Selby.  These are images of Andy and Kate Spades apartment.  Again, its the collected objects and juxtaposition of classic chic and quirky whimsy that interests me.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Malene Birger's Life In Pictures

My current obsession is the book, Life and Work by teNeues.  I picked it up yesterday and can not stop flipping through the pages!  I love a nice hefty coffee table book filled with lots of pretty things and inspiration.  The photographs of Malene's homes and work spaces are perfection along with the details and layout.  Birger is an extremely talented fashion designer, but also a gifted interior designer as well as a painter.  She has an eye for details and quality.  I couldn't help but photograph some pages in the book to share with you all.  Along the way I've included some of Malene Birger quotes that are beautifully incorporated in the book.  Enjoy!  Oh, and happy Friday!

                                                                                   movement is the only permanent phase in our lives
 life without change
 is a life without development, new challenges or
                                                   I don't have a storage room-
                                                          everything in my life is either in use or
                                                                you cannot plan success
                                                    - success is hard work and dedication-
                                                   with a constant focus on what comes next

i could see myself
living in a hotel
maybe when i get older-

ordering room service non-stop