Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swap Homes in Style

Marrakesh, Morocco
Sri Lanka
Brittany, France

When I'm on holiday I enjoy spending the time as a local would. Dining in a great little neighborhood cafe, getting the best deals at the local flea market, sunbathing at a secluded beach and staying at a local's country villa or a city pied-a-terre.  Through Luxe Home Swap this can become a reality.  For a small yearly fee, you can search the website for homes you would like to stay in throughout the world, and begin your conversation with the owner, to swap.  Unfortunatley, it's obvious this will not work for everyone.  If your trying to swap your mobile home in Wichita Kansas for a small castle in France, uhhhh, it's just not gonna work out.  As for me, I'm eying up the gorgeous home in Morocco, but hey! If the owner of the castle in Brittany wants to swap for my apartment in NYC, my bags are packed!

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