Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

A couple months ago I decided I wouldn't do Fashion Week this year.  But since it's the day before, and the cool winds are bringing out those fashion layers, I just don't think I can resist!  I'm already getting my camera ready for tomorrow's big shows: Project Runway, Christian Siriano and Ritchie Rich.  Now that Fashion week is at Lincoln Center, it's only 8 blocks from me!  So, I guess I've justified why I should join the fashionable masses...the city is abuzz and the weather is getting cooler which means I can break out the... well, no layers yet, but maybe a little jacket I guess!  And its only 8 blocks from my apartment!!

I absorb so much from fashion. The styles, colors and cuts help inspire my ideas for interior design projects.  Fashion and interior design have merged together in the past decade or so.  Apparel fabric, couture fabric and interior fabrics are the same or very similar - textures, patterns and the hand of the fabrics show proof of this.  Accessories from both fields have also crossed over and furniture is now taking on the shape of sleek couture, while elegant evening gowns hug women's forms like glazed curved walls of contemporary architecture.  The best of both and interior design, what more can I ask for?!

Fashion Week September 9-16.  See you at the tents!

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