Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Stone Man In Sleepy Hollow

Old cemetery's are so exciting and beautiful to me, filled with so much mystery and peace. When ever I travel through old small towns I always feel an urge to seek out the local cemetery. When ever I visit them, I feel like an innocent child again wondering through a labyrinth of stone and decay, like I'm in my own little fairy tale story. Being such a visual person I'm always drawn to the way the light reflects off the textured tomb stones, and statuary. The way the sun light finds its way through the wind blown trees creating that harmonious natural shadow dance on the hand carved mounds of rock. On one of my recent trips to upstate NY I passed through the town of Sleepy Hollow and like a mad man, when I came upon the cemetery I anxiously swerved the car into the entrance of the grounds. It was a beautiful fresh day, the leaves where still glistening from the rain storm that just passed through, and the light and shadows were just perfection. Amongst all of the ancient statuary, I came upon this huge stone man beautifully carved and proportioned. I was able to get some great photographs of him. My plan is to get the photographs blown up to a large scale, mount them on linen and have them framed. If they come out great, I will offer a limited amount on Kerut Home. I'm thinking they'll look lovely above my living room sofa! A little bit of fairy tale in the home...

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  1. fabulous photos, jesse! did you know that I was born in sleepy hollow? the cemetery is gorgeous - I remember as a kid asking my mom if the whole family could be buried there because there where loads of beautiful trees. is it still like that? I was too young to remember the statue - thanks for sharing!