Saturday, July 21, 2012

Simple + Honest - Crangi + Selby

One of my favorite photographers and one of my favorite jewelry designers get together for a day of fun!  Photographer Todd Selby visited designer Philip Crangi at his NYC apartment and work room last month.  I don't know how didn't catch these images sooner.  Anyhow, you all know how I love a good collection of stuff and really enjoy seeing how people display them.  Well, Crangi has got a rather nifty assemblage going on himself from his vintage pocket squares to his vintage pottery and vintage art work.  It’s such a treat for me to see how creative people have nested, both in their living space and work space.  Here, Todd has captured Philip in such an honest way, as always with no Photo shopped images, no special lighting and no styling.  In this case, both the capturer and captured have so much in common – both have a straight forward design process I believe, no fuss and no frills.  What you see is what you get!  Simple and honest… 


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