Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Assemblage of Curiosities

Victorian cottage built in 1936 for a blacksmith tucked away near the seaside in Queenscliff, Victoria Australia sits a shabby, yet charming collected home of second-hand dealer, Deb Kavaliunas.  Deb’s passion for collecting obviously has made her house feel somewhat like a museum.  Her vintage assemblages and vignettes of bird nests, pottery, books, bottles, cages, toys and marine treasures have created this fantastical whimsy of a home.  Deb says “You learn to trust yourself.  Not long ago this way of living and collecting was kind of frowned on – nobody wanted this stuff.  But I persisted because it felt right, and now it all naturally connects as if it was collected in one go.  
Your own way of seeing the world will always work best.”

Read more about Deb's home in Home Life.  The amazing photography is by Sharyn Cairns

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