Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cloisters

Vintage Postcard of the Cloisters from 1964

I finally made my way up to the Cloisters this past week, and was thoroughly impressed with my visit.  As I roamed through the corridors of the medieval French architecture I was charmed by the ancient objects and art work that line the hand carved stone walls.  All of this in New York! 

The branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in 1938 as “the crowning achievement of American museology.”  The museum’s main structures are portions of five medieval French cloisters, along with several other European monuments. 

Amazed by the achievement of transporting these massive stone edifices to the west, I was equally impressed with collections from the Romanesque and Gothic periods along with the beautiful gardens that surround the Cloisters.  Perched on a hill top overlooking the Hudson River, a small piece of Ancient Europe in New York City...heaven.

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  1. How beautiful.
    It's hard to believe this is stateside.
    What a great, gothic escapade ; )