Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Golden Mean

I often find myself having serious conversations with my clients and friends about the importance of vignettes, and the balance between tabletop accessories and wall art.  Hey!  this is a very important topic that brings out my passion!  It's all about layering- starting with the piece of furniture then adding objects of different heights and textures.  After the perfect combination of accessories (including lamps) are achieved or what I like to call the golden mean of accessorizing, you then want to add art work.  Often times I will work with the objects and art work together, moving them around until I feel I've reached the best aesthetically pleasing combination.  The table top accessories should work together with the art.  Wall art should never be floating weirdly above the pieces.  Always think "layer and stagger".   Below are some great examples of the golden mean of accessorizing.  Enjoy!

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