Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Love Warriors

I've been following Hannah Lemholt's blog Honey Pie Living Etc. for some time now because I love her photography with all white walls and muted tone woods and textures...all so monochromatic with graphic prints and art on walls.  She adores herself so that she will often photograph her pouty lips, doe like eyes, her honey soft skin and her locks of hair like caramel, her features so perfect against light bright walls.  She will post these images on her blog...all so mesmerizing.  Hannah is not only beautiful, but she has great eye for details and style, so her new venture seems very fitting.  She has teamed up with four others in Sweden to create Love Warriors. A team of treasure-hunters that travel the world to find unique items and hidden gems in corners of the world forgotten by others.  They create their own design, born to life where recycled materials from demolitions, flooring, boats, doors, glass and oil drums meet.  
The Love Warriors are out to change the world with one unique object at a time!

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