Monday, April 23, 2012

The Selby at Mazor's

I've never seen so many images from a Todd Selby photo shoot, ever!  You can tell he had a lot of fun shooting Oscar De La Renta's right hand person Boaz Mazor's New York City home.  Boaz's place is like a mini museum!  The decor isn't really my aesthetic, but I appreciate his collections and the way he's displayed them.  Everyone knows how much I love accessories and art, not only do they fill a space, but they fill it with purpose. Objects and collections really tell the owner's story, their background...their memories.  This is why I like Todd Selby's work so much, because he has a passion to capture his subjects personalities without the whole photo shopping, fake lighting and the styling that you see in magazines.  What you see in the publications are a bit fake.  Furniture and objects are moved around, added, borrowed from places here and there to fill the space in order to get the perfect shot.  Todd isn't interested in that.  If there's a little dust or things are a bit askew...all the better.  Check out the entire shoot here.

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