Sunday, August 7, 2011

Desert Enchantment

Maryam and Chris of Peacock Pavilions are by far the best host's I have ever had. Chantal, the most splendid chef prepared meals that exceeded our vegetarian expectations. The entire staff made us feel welcome and delivered exceptional service. From every angle of this enchanted fortress the visual feast was captivating, from Chris and Maryam's global collections through out all spaces in the riad, to the inviting over-sized pool that is enveloped by Chris's architectural masterpieces. One will feel as though they were a Queen or King atop the rooftop verandas overlooking the desert and the beautiful olive groves. We were certainly in a dream state during our stay at Peacock Pavilions. Maryam's and Chris's creation is a desert enchantment in the middle of Morocco. I am certainly looking forward to our next visit!  Oh! and by the way, these images are of just the structure I stayed in!  Stay tuned for the main area of the Riad!!

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