Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things you shouldn't be without

 Beach wood Box with colored pencils

Brook Farm is my new favorite general store.  They carry your basic household items, but with just a little panache!

 Bamboo dish rack

 Leather dog collar

 Gigogne glasses, Duralex!

 Hammam Towels from Tunisia

Royall Lyme, unisex cologe since 1957

Cottage watering can, nickel plated

Oversized iron nails

100% Virgin wood blankets
Waxed canvas tote

Savon de Marseilles. A household staple

Pair of Secateurs with beechwood handles and brass inlay

Sigg mini lunch box

Stanley Flask. Another staple!

Stainless steel straws

Honeycomb weave cotton blanket

Spool of twine

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