Thursday, November 11, 2010

Canvas...Something New That Is New!

I have a thing for antiques and vintage things, however when I discover something new that is "new" and I like it, I just want to tell everyone about it! Canvas, a new shop that just opened last week in SoHo sells "new" home furnishings and accessories.  Now, the reason why I like the store is because most of the collection looks vintage or antique.  And to add, a lot of their inventory is made under fair trade and green principals. One more thing!  Everything looks so classic and refined, its not over the top so you don't have to worry about your purchase looking outdated in a few years or so.  

"Canvas is a journey around the globe that combines natural materials with interesting textures.  Unstructured, soft shapes and subtle colours define a look that is understated yet elegant."

The items below are some of my favorite's from Canvas!

Dog Beds with Running Stitch. $135-$220 

Mercer Tufted Club Chair. $2350 

Recycled Crystal Chair. Set of 2 $480 

 Mirandi bottle vases. $26-$78

Syrian Drinking Glasses. $11-$32 

Hand-Made wood cutting boards. $48-$115

Morrocan Sabre Rugs. $580

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